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20 gourmet vietų 2019 m.


20 best discovered out-and-about places in 2019

The members of vynai.com have been wandering the world from Bocca in Buenos Aires to Georgian delicacies in Odessa, from craft beer spots in Braga to Dunkel Weizenbier in Berlin, from wine-bars in Treviso and Stintino to coffee-houses in Lviv. Life is about great future memories too and travelling supplies them in abundance. Do the same, live out and enjoy your life here, now and in the future.

Happy 2020, our readers!


1.Italy, Naples, Vico Long Teatro Nuovo 103/104/105, TRATTORIA DA NENNELLA, for crazy da!nces, sumptuous meals and party atmosphere

2. Poland, Cracow, NOTA RESTO, Šv. Krzyža 17, for a good company, juicy meals and smiley service,

3. Italy, Naples, L'ANTICA PIZZERIA DA MICHELLE, Via Cesare Sersale 1, for tradition, two sorts of pizzas and Slovenian talk

4. Argentina, Buenos Aires, Ciudad de la Paz 2009, PARILLA LOS AMIGOS DE JUAN, for asado,  entrana and and vacio

5. Germany, Berlin, JOSEPH ROTH DIELE, Potsdamer Str. 75, for Radetzky Marsch, bets on future marriage and hearty cuisine

6. Ukraine, Odessa, KOLKHETI KHINKALNAJA, Shevchenko 1a, for khinkali, saperavi and chacha

7. Portugal, Braga, TEMPOS VELHOS, R. Do Carmo 7, for the hearth, tiny space and no-fuss meals

8. Argentina, Buenos Aires, Jeronimo Salguero 2692, LA CLOTILDE, for ojo de bife, sun and lots of space

9. Italy, Sassari, BENEVA BEER AND BURGER, Piazza Tola 36, for the wine sipping, spring in the square and laid-back talking

10. Portugal, Braga, LETRARIA, R. Dom Gonçalo Pereira 35, for entusiasm, craft beers and intelligent bartender

11. Argentina, Buenos Aires, Juramento 1905, BAR SANTA MARIA, for lazy breakfasts in „Novembers“ sun

12. Italy, Stintino, LA DARSENA, Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo 6, for espresso and the sea

13. Argentina, Buenos Aires, La Boca, Gral. G. Araoz de Lamadrid 700, for rock and roll and liquid craft initiatives

14. Italy Sassari, LA PERLA ROSA, Via IV November 63, for speaking ...German, rich lasagne and local wine

15. Italy, Olbia, Via Cavour 3, LA TASCA, for good meat cuts and summer‘s promise

16. Ukraine, Odessa, Francuz'ki blv. 19, LEPESHKA, for the Georgian boulangerie and jazz on the radio

17. Italy, Treviso, Vicolo Avogari 14, ZEUS, for little Venice, family dining and limoncello on the house

18. Portugal, Braga, CAFE APE, Rua D. Frei Caetano Brandao 59, for nooks and cranies, strong coffee and whiskey off the menu

19. Ukraine, Lviv, FACET, Virmenska str. 28, for herb liqeurs and family business

20. Argentina, Buenos Aires, Las Heras 1822, TEMPLE CRAFT, for chatty service, trust and beer




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