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2018 m. Gourmet


The year 2018 is running out of days and 2019 is nigh. Flying seeker of vynai.com has been here and there, from Palermo to Tartu, from Mariupol to Bilbao, from Sousse to Leipzig. Something for everyone, with nice meals, nice drinks and nice atmosphere without eye-watering prices. If you are around the places, drop by, taste out and invest into your future memories. It is something to remember.


1.       Spain, Basque country, Bilbao, RIO-OJA, Txakur Kalea 4 – for splendid cuisine, generous attitudes and fine prices

2.       Italy, Palermo, OSTERIA LO BIANCO, Via E. Amaro 104 – for sumptuous and hearty local cuisine with too much of wine

3.       Sweden, Lund, GATTOSTRETTO, Kattesund 6A, for exquisite gourmet dining

4.       Italy, Teramo, IL GATO, Via della Banca 5/7 – for taste, generosity and „Il Mondo“

5.       Italy, Alba, FUORI CITABIUNDA, Via C. Biglino 1/A – for M.I.L.F., Cinnamon Girl and other ...craft beers, plus joly storry telling with Stefano

6.       Estonia, Tartu, Kastani 42, APARAAT – for dining out and enjoying company

7.       Spain, Basque country, Donostia (San Sebastian), ITXAROPENA, Embeltran 16 – for hearty lunch and tradition

8.       Italy, Palermo, LUPPOLO L'OTTAVO NANO, Via Daniele Manin 36/38 – for craft craft craft beers on tap

9.       Ukraine, Lviv, MIASA TA SPRAVEDLIVOSTI, Valova 20 (Bernardine yard) – for yummy BBQ and full spring

10.   Italy, Teramo, ALBERGO RISTORANTE LA VITTORIA, Via Pretuzio 12- for traditional Teramian meals and Moldovan cook

11.   Ukraine, Lviv, RYBNIA FERMA, Staraja 1 – for crayfish next to the bazaar

12.   Spain, Basque country, Bilb(a)o, SOIZ 3, Maria Muñoz 6, for pintxos, wine and beer, Alberto

13.   Ukraine, Mariupol', STONE, restobar, Architektora Nilsena 26/2 – for initiative, new beers and progress

14.   Italy, Palermo, BUATTA CUCINA POPOLATA, Via Vittorio Emanuele 176 - for lucky chance to get a table

15.   Ukraine, Lviv, EVROHOTEL, Tershakovtryv 6A – for beer and book reading in the skies

16.   Tunisia, Tunis, PLAN B, 1 bis rue de sfax Menzeh 5 Ariana – for hipster efforts, keep on!

17.   Estonia, Tartu, Magasini 5, MÖKU – for beers and half-Lithuanian bartender

18.   Italy, Palermo, ANTICA FOCACCERIA SAN FRANCESCO, Via Alessandro Paternostro 58 – for beef spleen burger and rustic aura

19.   Tunisia, Sousse, LA PETIT CAFE MAURE, (Sousse Medina) – for coffee real and tradition

20.   Germany, Leipzig, Reichsstraße 2, CAFE CENTRAL, for coffee and friends




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