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Best found cafes and restaurants in 2021

After the pandemic hiatus, it was about time to travel here and there and taste this and that. If you happen to be there, you will find something good to remember …for the rest of your days. Life is also about small and lasting discoveries.


1.   Italy, Foggia, AL PRIMO PIANO, Corso Petro Giannone 82: for the chef’s suggestions you can’t turn down

2.     Italy, Bari, ARMONIA, Via Napoli 127: for a “surprise us, chef with seafood anti-pasti!”

3.     Ukraine, Lviv, Колишня meet bar, Drukarska 10: for classic cocktails and fun talk

4.     Poland, Giżycko, SIESTA CAFE, Unii Europejskiej 8: for brunch with care

5.     Ukraine, Kyiv, BARVY, Mechnikova 3 for the breakfast of the year

6.     Italy, Catania, ROYAL CERES, Via D. Giuseppe al Duomo 17/19: for quirky types and a good food-mood

7.     Ukraine, Kyiv, GOGI, Lva Tolstoho 13: for chakapuli and ckhemeruli (plus chacha)

8.     Italy, Bergamo Alta, OFFICINA DEI SAPORI, Via Solata 7: for a local and seasonal cuisine

9.     Italy, Bari, MICHETTI, Via Calefati 364: for hello from the kitchen in “not a dangerous area anymore”

10.  Lithuania, Palanga, MACARONI, Turgaus 19: for pavlova’s seduction






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